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Sonia Shjegstad, P.M.P., M.S.
Environmental Division Manager

Ms. Shjegstad currently heads Environet's Environmental Division. As a Project Management Professional (PMP), she has managed or contributed to the completion of a variety of environmental projects including underwater munitions assessments; long-term monitoring of gas and groundwater at landfills; environmental assessments and baseline surveys; biological surveys; wetlands delineations; economic valuations; asbestos inspection, abatement and remediation; groundwater subsurface investigation and remediation activities; contaminated soil investigation and remediation activities; UST closure and remediation; hazardous materials assessments; air emissions permitting; and water quality monitoring.

As the PM for Environet�s underwater munitions program, Ms. Shjegstad has presented results of this work at national conferences and forums and has authored or co-authored multiple technical presentations and articles. She has also been invited to provide updates on Environet's underwater munitions program to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army in Washington, D.C., the Army Corps of Engineers, and members of Hawaii's congressional delegation. In addition, Ms. Shjegstad also manages several terrestrial munitions projects, including special studies, risk assessments, and munitions clearance task orders. With a growing need for qualified managers to oversee munitions research and clearance projects in the State of Hawaii, Ms. Shjegstad continues developing her role as one of Environet's premier munitions program managers.

Ms. Shjegstad�s publications and presentations include:

Brandenburg, E. and S. Garcia. �Hawaii Undersea Military Munitions Assessment Update.� Presented at the NDIA Environment, Energy Security and Sustainability Symposium, June 2010.

Garcia, S., K. MacDonald, E.H. De Carlo, M.L. Overfield, T. Reyer, J. Rolfe. 2009. Discarded Military Munitions Case Study: Ordnance Reef (HI-06), Hawaii, Marine Technology Society Journal, Volume 43, Number 4, pp. 85-99.

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Brandenburg, E. and S. Garcia. �Hawaii Undersea Military Munitions Assessment Update.� Presented at the UXO/Countermine/Range Forum in Orlando, FL, 2009.

Garcia, S. �CSM Development for Exposure Pathways, Examples from the HUMMA Project.� Presented at the Second International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions in Honolulu, Hawaii. February 2009.