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Thomas McCabe, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer

As Environet�s new CEO, Mr. McCabe currently oversees more than $125M in government and private sector contract capacity, including construction, environmental engineering and remediation projects. He has thirty years of diversified engineering and construction management, project management, and engineering design experience. Over the course of his engineering career, he has been involved with projects that include infrastructure development; large, complex industrial facilities; and environmental remediation. Mr. McCabe previously managed the $350M U.S. Navy unexploded ordnance (UXO) cleanup of Kaho�olawe.

Mr. McCabe�s publications include:

Large Range Clearance Issues and Answers,� 2003 AFCEE Technology Transfer Symposium, San Antonio, Texas.

�The Realities of Clearing Grids on Kaho�olawe,� 5th Annual Symposium on Technology and the Mine Problem, Mine Warfare Association, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 2002.

�Activated Carbon Filtration of a Chemical Weapons Incinerator Exhaust,� 4th Global Demil Symposium, American Defense Preparedness Association, 1996.

"Heat Transfer Considerations in the Modeling of a Chemical Munitions Incinerator", American Institute of Chemical Engineers 1994 Conference, San Francisco, CA.

"Safety Aspects of the Tooele Chemical Disposal Facility," 1994 Incineration Conference, Houston, TX, University of California, Irvine.