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Alakea Office Renovations, Honolulu, Hawaii



Alakea Office Renovations, Honolulu, Hawaii


Project Description:

This project was a design-build renovation and modernization of a non-residential facility. As prime contractor, Environet provided all design services, labor, transportation, equipment, materials, tools, supplies, engineering, supervision, and administration services needed to complete the scope of work.

The project consisted of the renovation of approximately 3,000 square feet of office space in downtown Honolulu. Environet subcontracted Next Design of Honolulu as the lead designer and architect. Next Design coordinated the design team, performed lighting design and interior design services.

Construction included interior demolition and upgrades to the mechanical, electrical, and communication systems; and construction of offices, lavatories, a kitchen and a multimedia conference room with video conferencing equipment. Environet installed lighting, flooring and carpeting, window treatments, and custom designed modular work stations. The interior was painted in accordance with the interior design plans.