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Ewa Sugar Mill Public Building Facilities Improvements

Ewa Sugar Mill Public Building Facilities Improvements


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet was chosen to prepare construction plans for surface soil contamination remediation and demolition of existing facilities within the former 15-acre Ewa Sugar Mill site. This endeavor was part of the City's Ewa Villages Revitalization Project which involved converting the former sugar mill site to a community center while preserving historical plantation character.

A simple, yet effective and cost-saving solution ultimately allowed the City to proceed quickly with development of the property for a community gathering place. Environet designed a 2-foot thick clean fill soil cap over the entire 15-acre site after removing identified contaminated “hot spots.” The clean fill soil cap serves as an effective barrier that prevents exposure of recreational users to any remnants of soil contamination.

Yet before commencing design and construction, Environet's priority was to mitigate the significant public exposure risk present on-site. Thus, a number of solid/hazardous waste materials were quickly disposed of, such as vehicle tires and batteries, petroleum and solvent containers, propane tanks, and fire extinguishers. Throughout the course of the project, close contact was maintained with stakeholders to ensure that all work plans and requirements were carried out as expected. Environet coordinated with the City, the DOH, and leasehold tenants of the former sugar mill, while working right alongside the contractor during the entire construction phase.