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Polynesian Cultural Center Sewer System Improvements

Polynesian Cultural Center Sewer System Improvements


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

The internal sewer system at Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) consisted of a variety of gravity and pressure systems that collected wastewater generated within the complex, and then conveyed it to the municipal sewer system. Although functional, the system required more maintenance than PCC's management wanted. It had also deteriorated and was falling below compliance levels. Environet was asked to redesign the system such that it lessened the maintenance burden, brought it up to the City's wastewater standards, and would run more efficiently.

Practical modifications and upgrades were designed. Environet managed the construction of the new system featuring a 12-inch PVC main gravity sewer line that met minimum slope requirements (according to City and County of Honolulu Design Standards). In the end, PCC was left with a reliable internal sewer collection and conveyance system, which allowed PCC's management to focus their resources on serving the volume of tourists who visit the center year-round.