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Abandonment of 40 UST Groundwater Monitoring Wells, Various Navy Sites



Abandonment of 40 UST Groundwater Monitoring Wells at Various Navy Sites


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet provided all services, equipment, labor, and material required to execute the abandonment of 40 groundwater monitoring wells at eight former underground storage tank (UST) sites. In accordance with the Department of Land and Natural Resources´┐Ż well abandonment policy, all groundwater monitoring wells at former UST sites must be properly abandoned and permanently sealed when no longer in use in order to protect the groundwater resources of the State of Hawaii from contamination and waste and to protect public health and safety. Environet team members attended meetings and site visits; provided project coordination and status reports; prepared a Work Plan and Health and Safety Plan to include all former UST sites; and prepared all Well Abandonment/Sealing Reports.