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Site Inspection for Fuel Valve Pits, Guam



Site Inspection for Fuel Valve Pits, Guam


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

As a subcontractor to AECOM (formerly Earth Tech) on the Navy CLEAN III contract, Environet was asked to perform a Site Inspection at seventeen fuel valve pits which are part of the Navy Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Fuel Division network at COMNAVMARIANAS, Guam. The site investigation was performed in response to previous releases from the fuel valve pits. Contaminant types included petroleum related hydrocarbon compounds, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, and lead.

The site inspection included topographic and geophysical surveys to identify multimedia sampling locations. The results indicated that petroleum related compounds were present in groundwater near the harbor. Environet geologists and hydrologists used state-of-the-art groundwater modeling software to determine the fate and transport of groundwater contaminants at the site. The results of the modeling were paramount in determining that contamination would not impact adjacent surface water bodies. Based on this determination, we worked closely worked with the Guam Environmental Protection Agency to obtain a No Further Action (NFA) letter for the Navy.

Environet was responsible for preparing the implementation plan and cost estimate; developing the study design and planning documents, including a sampling and analysis plan, work plan, and health and safety plan; collecting all site investigation data; performing data evaluation and validation; developing the site investigation report; and providing technical support to the Navy for community Restoration Advisory Board meetings on Guam. After receipt of the NFA, Environet prepared a monitoring well abandonment plan, traveled to Guam and removed all monitoring wells installed as part of the SI, and prepared a final closure report.