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Honolulu International Airport Mauka Concourse EA

Honolulu International Airport Mauka Concourse Environmental Assessment

Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet was the environmental subcontractor to Parsons Corporation on the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) for the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Airports. Environet�s role as a team member for the TMP has afforded us the opportunity to obtain a high level of familiarity with all aspects of the HNL and the intricate modernization plans. The extensive background research and investigations we performed as part of our involvement in the TMP allowed us to quickly identify key environmental investigation and remediation issues and tasks needed for project implementation. Our role is to oversee environmental compliance for all aspects of the 12-year modernization program.

Environet was responsible for the preparation of a NEPA Environmental Assessment (EA) required for the expansion and updating of the existing HNL in order to serve the present and forecasted aviation demands of the key air transportation hub of the state�s airport system. We provided a comprehensive review of all previous environmental documents related to the property, including environmental assessments and environmental impact statements prepared by or for numerous private and federal parties.

Environet also conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for various portions of project, using a phased approach which took into account timing of the overall TMP, and also conducted all Phase II ESAs as required by the project-specific Phase I ESAs. Environet was also responsible for archaeological coordination and compliance, Historic Preservation Act/State Historic Preservation Office concurrence and compliance, hazardous materials inspections, assessments, and management, environmental compliance oversight of construction activities, and water quality planning/permitting during construction.