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Iao Stream EA/EIS

Iao Stream Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement

Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet was contracted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed Iao Stream Flood Control Restoration Project. The purpose of the EA was to analyze alternatives to correct design deficiencies associated with the existing Iao Stream flood control project constructed in 1981. The project has experienced severe erosion in the levee sections since project completion which threatens the ability of the flood control project to function as intended. Without improvements sufficient to withstand the 100-year flood event, the area protected by the project will revert to a flood hazard area (FEMA) and loss of life and damage to property could occur.

Environet was responsible for project management and coordination with federal, state and local regulatory agencies. We conducted field investigations and studies of the surrounding environment, climate, soil, topography, geology, erosion and sedimentation, groundwater resources, hydrology, visuals/aesthetics, land use, flood hazard, existing facilities and utilities, hazardous/toxic wastes, traffic, coastal zone, air, noise, water quality, stream flora and fauna, migrating species, riparian and gathering rights, social and economic environment at the project sites, and impact from inclusion of engineering re-design and improvements in the project. Environet also worked with USACE to arrange and conduct public meetings in accordance with NEPA requirements and prepare all public notices.

The draft EA was completed in March 2009; however, comments received from the public, resource agencies, and stakeholders triggered the need to further analyze the alternatives and incorporate public concerns into an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) rather than an EA. Environet has been tasked with the preparation of the NEPA EIS, which is ongoing.