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Saipan Lagoon Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Study

Saipan Lagoon Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Study

Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet is conducting an aquatic ecosystem restoration study for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The study includes both an Environmental Restoration Report (ERR) and a NEPA Environmental Assessment.

The restoration study includs an inventory of potentially contaminating activities in the watershed, a hydrologic study of runoff processes, a groundwater level investigation, and lagoon water quality investigations, all of which are summarized and incorporated into the EA. Environet�s scientists and planners have conducted complex water quality field sampling, biological surveys, sedimentation studies, and storm water investigations to establish the current baseline condition of the Saipan Lagoon. In order to promote restoration of the lagoon, the ERR includes the design of on-shore retention and settling basin structures, and will include an incremental cost analysis to examine the tradeoffs of progressively larger retention systems.

The NEPA environmental assessment will involve evaluating improved watershed management alternatives and will include an archaeological inventory survey for each of the alternative shore retention and settling basin sites, a traffic study, drainage design analysis, and baseline water quality sampling and analysis. Consultation with Federal and CNMI agencies and local stakeholders will also be conducted as part of the NEPA process.