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Camp Edwards POL Area Direct Response and Remediation

Camp Edwards POL Area Direct Response and Remediation


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Environet remediated roughly 50,000 cubic meters of POL-contaminated soil and groundwater at a fuel transfer station located at Camp Edwards, South Korea. The contamination originated from historical leakage of three large underground storage tanks and associated piping. Approximately 47,000 cubic meters of soil was laden with TPH in excess of 500 ppm. Other waste manifests included CO2, O2, hydrocarbons, and BTEX compounds.

Working alongside the client, Environet developed and implemented a remediation system that was unique to the site and its given conditions. In order to determine the required well spacing of the remediation system, in-situ respiration testing was conducted to establish the field air permeability and hydraulic properties of the shallow aquifer beneath the site. Higher remediation efficiencies were achieved by using a combined soil vapor extraction and bioventing system, where biodegradation is enhanced by conducting air-injection in conjunction with the extraction of multi-phase contaminants. Environet assembled an operations and maintenance plan for the installed remediation system and a routine monitoring schedule for soil, groundwater, and soil gas.

Approximately 12,000 kilograms of JP-8 and diesel-free product were recovered from the site. Recovered product was transported to Camp Stanton for recycling.