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Johnston Atoll RCRA Corrective Action of Solid Waste

Johnston Atoll RCRA Corrective Action of Solid Waste Management Units


Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Prior to the cessation of USACAP activities on Johnston Atoll, a large site characterization and remedial action was required for the contamination at 6 solid waste management units and 3 areas of interest. The contaminants of concern included PCBs, PAHs, SVOCs, heavy metals, and chemical warfare agents and their degradation products. As prime contractor, Environet was required to complete work at all 9 sites on an accelerated schedule of just 8 months.

The lateral and vertical extent of contamination was determined for 7 of the 9 sites. Over 60 borings were drilled to allow for sub-surface soil sampling, which gprovided the data needed to create the remedial action work plan. During the excavation phase, Environet utilized methods that minimized the amount of fugitive dust generated, and then quickly proceeded with verification sampling from the base of the excavations to ensure successful removal.

Within an 8-month timeframe, Environet performed the site characterization, design, removal action, confirmation testing, and final report writing for all work conducted at all sites. A total of 960 tons of contaminated soil and 15 tons of treated wood, both hazardous and non-hazardous, were excavated, bagged, and disposed of off-island.