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Waiale Wells MEC Removal

Waiale Wells MEC Removal

Project Highlights:

Project Description:

Under a private contract, Environet performed clearance actions for MEC over approximately seven acres in Kahului, Maui, in an area where transient military training took place during World War II. Approximately 25,000 people live, work, or go to school in the immediate vicinity of sites where live ordnance, ranging from grenades to 75mm projectiles, have been found.

Environet prepared the required project plans including the Project Work Plan, Accident Prevention Plan/Site Safety and Health Plan, Geophysical Prove-Out Plan, Exclusion Zone Security Notification and Implementation Plan, and Final Removal Action Report. We mobilized for field operations, supervised removal action MEC crews, and supplied personnel, tools, equipment, communications, transportation, materials, and supervision to integrate, manage, and safely execute the removal and disposal of five MEC items and over 150 pounds of MEC scrap. Over 600 anomalies were eliminated during this investigation.

Working closely with the Project Delivery Team, Environet established a Geophysical Verification System plot to test state-of-the-art geophysical instrument technology. We also interfaced with an archeologist, construction site managers, and local police to accomplish all aspects of the project, and performed site briefings to personnel as required.